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Event Management

Private event Cleaning and Staffing

Platero Service is your solution for seamless event planning, with a specialized focus on event cleaning and professional staffing services. We understand that organizing a successful event requires meticulous attention to detail, including maintaining cleanliness and ensuring a skilled and capable team to manage the event's operations. With years of experience in the industry, our event management experts are dedicated to delivering unforgettable events that exceed your expectations.


Event Cleaning Services:

Pre-Event Cleaning: Our trained cleaning professionals thoroughly clean and sanitize the event venue before the guests arrive, ensuring a pristine and welcoming environment for all attendees.

Ongoing Cleaning During the Event: Our attentive cleaning crew remains on-site during the event, promptly addressing spills, maintaining restroom hygiene, and ensuring the venue remains tidy and presentable throughout the occasion.

Post-Event Clean-Up: After the event concludes, our efficient team takes charge of the post-event clean-up, leaving the venue in its original condition or even better, allowing you to focus on the success of the event without worrying about the aftermath.

Event Staffing Services:

Skilled Event Staff: Our team comprises experienced and well-trained event staff, including event coordinators, ushers, ticket collectors, and security personnel, ensuring smooth event operations and guest satisfaction.

Guest Services: Our friendly and professional guest service staff are adept at welcoming and assisting guests, handling registrations, and providing any necessary information to enhance the overall guest experience.

Bartenders and Waitstaff: Our skilled bartenders and waitstaff ensure seamless bar services and catering, providing a delightful dining experience for all attendees.

Security Personnel: Safety is our priority. Our security personnel are trained to handle crowd control, access management, and emergency situations, ensuring a secure environment for all participants.

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