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"I have enjoyed Platero Services since they came to the Lago area.  I have never had a service I have been so pleased with and I have had domestic all my married life. (49+years).  They bring a whole new meaning to  CLEAN  and they are great  for parties and special seasons. Call me and I will brag for an hour". 

-Womble, Lago Vista  

"Nothing but positive things to say about the Platero's and their services. They have always arrived on time, done exactly what was expected, and are always easy to work with. Billing is simple and straight forward and I've never had any communication issues either regarding getting in contact with them or receiving a response. I'd definitely recommend them".

-Hinkle, Downtown Austin Texas 

​"I have worked with the company for many years. They have helped with remodeling, interior work, design indoors and out. most recently, they have provided cleaning services for me. they do an incredible and thorough job, going beyond superficial cleaning and do extras that most cleaning companies do not. 
This is a family owned company, the owners have a HUGE amount of integrity and a strong work ethic. Highly recommend for jobs on a large or small scale".

-Russell, Sunset Valley



Our Services 

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Our services are not limited to the following, but all special accommodations are given to our elite and valued customers.

  • Residential Cleanings
  • Rental Cleanings
  • Private Event Cleanings and Staffing
  • Private Offices
  • Commercial Spaces  
  • Management of Private Properties upon Request 
  • We are open to accommodate any other request